Help Centre Videos for your Business


Why should you have help centre videos for your online business or web app?

Help centre videos are an effective way of cutting down on support time for your product by creating a permanent resource for your customers. Having good, clear video tutorials is a proven way to improve user's experience and impression of a product and to reduce support requests.

What do help centre videos look like?

Generally, help centre videos are made up of screen recordings, capturing your web production in action! They can include voice overs or titles to explain the steps that are being taken. Usually they focus on a particular feature, but they can also be a general "overview" or "demo" of your entire product.

With voiceover

Without voiceover


Full Product Demo

This is an example of a video which gives an overview of an entire product. These are great for new users, or to give potential users a clear idea of what your product is. This also demonstrates the use of other video clips, intercut with the screen recording of the product. This can help to make your videos interesting and to give an idea of the special "flavour" or tone of your company.

What do customers think of good help centre content?

Listen to what these Storypark customers have to say about the videos and support from Storypark...

What is the process?

  • Firstly, I'll need to become familiar with your product and its features and eventually I might need temporary access to the app for screen-capturing, even if it's just a demo account.
  • Most companies will know their product better than I do, but will need help shaping that knowledge into an engaging video. I will write a script with your input and feedback as I go.
  • Once we're happy with the script, I'll start making it. I'll do screen-capturing, filming, voiceover recording and collect all the bits we need to put together your finished video.
  • Then I'll start editing. You'll be able to see rough cuts as I go and offer your feedback.
  • Once you call it done, it's done! You can use it however you like, or I can help with distribution to your favourite channels.

Isn't it really expensive?

No! My prices will save you thousands compared to the larger video production companies. I can work within your budget and find a solution to make us all happy!

So, how do we start?

If you're interested and would like to start creating a video help centre service for your product, make sure you get in touch and get a quote. Click here to get started!