I researched his background, watched all his films I could online, and was impressed by the nuanced performances and precise storytelling in each film, even his earliest ones. On set I found him unflappable and clear on what he wanted in each scene.”
— Peter Feeney, Actor (Black Sheep, Spartacus)
From Day One in Ben’s entry interview I saw an x-factor in him and thought “this kid is going to make it big”. He already had a feature-length project he was working on and has the personality and manner to succeed in anything he attempts.
— Sashi Meanger, Exectutive Director, The New Zealand Film School
These young filmmakers are passionate about film, story and character. And their most recent film BIRDSONG shows that they are as skilled as they are passionate. I was on set during the making of BIRDSONG and saw the level of craft and collaboration that went in to the preparation, shooting, and post-production of the film.
— Miranda Harcourt, Acting Coach (The Lovely Bones)
Ben is a truly gifted director. He has a strong creative vision and is able to articulate this with crystal clarity. He gives insightful feedback and always maintains a high team morale.
— Ewan Clark, Composer