How long does it take to produce a video?

A screen-cast tutorial video will usually take about a week to make, but this relies on prompt feedback. Videos that include more than just screen-capture assets will usually take a little longer, about 2-3 weeks from start to finish. Again, this depends on how fast you provide me with feedback. Project turnaround will vary depending on many factors which I will assess before we get started.


Isn't it really expensive?

No! My prices will save you thousands compared to some larger video production companies. I can work within your budget and find a solution to make us all happy. If you want it to be cheap as chips I can do it all myself with a lightweight production kit; If you want more I can turn up with the full crew. I'm comfortable productions of all shapes and sizes!


What is the process?

  • You are bound to know your product a gazillion-times better than I do, but I can help shape that knowledge into an engaging video. I will write a script with your input and feedback.
  • Once we're happy with the script, I'll start making it. I'll collect all the bits we need to put together your finished video, whether that is live-action filming, screen-capturing, voiceover recording, or motion graphics.
  • Then I'll start editing. You'll be able to see rough cuts as I go and give feedback. Usually we will collaborate on an edit through vimeo review links.
  • Once you call it done, it's done! You can use it however you like, or I can help you with distribution to your favourite channels.


I've already done voiceover recording and written a script. What happens now?

No worries! I can work with your existing material and help you with whatever else you need to get it finished.


I know my business needs video but I'm not sure where to start. What should I do?

I can help you make a video strategy. Some companies prefer me to work a few hours every week to help them output regular content. This is a very effective way to build an audience for your product who can be converted into paying customers. We can discuss an ongoing arrangement to fit your budget; I'll work in a proactive way to market your business through quality video content on a regular basis.


Okay! So how do we start?

Lets chat about your project and I'll write you a quote. Click here to get started!